IPMAS 2022

The symposium “Inverse Problems: Methods, Applications & Synergies” IPMAS was carried out from January 12th to 14th. The organization of this hybrid workshop was a joint effort of the Millennium Nucleus For Applied Control And Inverse Problems, ACIP, the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM-U. de Chile) and Millennium Institute for Intelligent Healthcare Engineering (iHEALTH)

The objective was to put together the state of the art of different methodologies of inverse problems with real applications in Astronomy, Medicine and Neuroscience, and promote the synergies to share scientific and algorithmic methods in inverse problems.

On Friday 14th, we had Neuroscience-related talks by Pamela Guevara (U. de Concepción), Hans Zander (U. Michigan), Patricio Orio (U. de Valparaíso), Elena Vicari (EPFL), and Esteban Paduro (ACIP).

Leo Medina
Leo Medina
Principal Investigator

Leo teaches computer engineering courses at Usach, and his research interests are in the neural engineering and computational neuroscience fields. His work has contributed to understand how nerve fibers respond to electrical stimulation.

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